CPU cooler Gigabyte Aorus ATC700 got heat pipes of larger diameter

In the family of components and peripherals for the enthusiast Gigabyte Aorus appeared first CPU cooler — the Aorus ATC700. This is the familiar tower design, but it stands out with three heat pipes of relatively large diameter of 10 mm, plus they directly contact with teplonositel processor.

The heat transmitted to the aluminum radiator is blown by two fans standard size 120 mm, working on the principle of «push-pull». The shape of the blades and guide them to increase airflow, which reaches 1.5 cubic metres per minute at a rotational speed of 1700 rpm Dual ball bearings increase the life of the fan up to 70 thousand hours.

Noise level of 31 dBA, decreasing to 12 dBA at the lowest speed (500 rpm), the speed is regulated with PWM. The plastic piece on the top of the cooler is equipped with Aorus logo with amazing lighting effects which you can configure in-app Aorus Graphics Engine. Cooler Gigabyte Aorus ATC700 at a mass of 200 grams and dimensions of 139 x 109 x 169 mm can take up to 200 W of thermal energy, it is compatible with all current platforms.



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