cPro — «crutch» that gives the laptop the Apple MacBook Pro sample 2016 the usual set of ports

As you know, Apple has deprived Apple MacBook Pro sample 2016 all standard interfaces, leaving only the USB ports-S. At the same time, the number of peripherals that can be connected directly with USB, while vanishingly small against the huge number of monitors, external drives and other devices with more familiar interfaces. The company Branch has decided to rectify the situation and developed a hub or dock cPro, raising funds for the production of which was launched today on Kickstarter.

CPro hub takes up two USB-C port and, in fact, rests on them. Instead, in the configuration you may receive HDMI video output, three USB 3.0 ports with full-size connectors, slots for memory cards SD and microSD, and USB type-C, which can be used for charging. On the body of the cPro has a led charging indicator turns green or orange, as it was in the charging cable to the MacBook Pro of the previous generation.

The device is made of brushed aluminum to better match the appearance of the laptop. Includes the production of two varieties: laptop with 13-inch screen laptop with 15 inch screen.

The first participants of fundraising can book the hub for $79. The shipment of the devices, the organizers of the project promise to begin in February 2017.

While the planned $60 000 collected less than $10,000.

Source: Branch



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