Cover Intel Core Skylake X-X and Kabylake-X is not soldered to the crystals

Just presented the Intel Core Skylake X-X and Kaby Lake-X, and the network has already appeared information about their device, which in the first place, may be of interest to fans of overclocking.

Allegedly, the cover of Intel Core processors Skylake X-X and Kabylake-X with built-in implementation is not soldered to the crystals. Instead of solder use a different «termoenergetyczny material» (TIM), colloquially known as «gum».

The solder provides a good heat sink, but the lid becomes difficult to separate to provide direct contact with the crystal during extreme overclocking. The option selected for Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X, provides some of the worst heat sink (specify, we are talking about exceeding the recommended value of frequencies), but the cap is removed it becomes easier and less risky.

Of course, do not think that Intel cares about the enthusiast overclocking processors scalping. The choice of thermal interface material is dictated by economic and technological reasons.

It remains to add that, according to the source, this is the first case when Intel doesn’t use solder in the HEDT processors.



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