Counterpoint claims that the leader of the Chinese smartphone market was the Oppo. In the budget segment, Xiaomi is the leader and top — Apple

Counting the results of the third quarter in the Chinese smartphone market, analysts Counterpoint have come to the conclusion that there was a new leader. Huawei was in second place, and the first came out Oppo.

In quantitative terms, the data source does not, but Oppo is now 18.9% of the market, and Huawei is 18.6%. And so much else and in Vivo, that is in second place is actually located two companies.

Next is Xiaomi with a share of 13.8% and Apple, which is 10%. Recall, according to Canalys, the first place yet Huawei. But it only once again shows that the estimates by various analyst firms sometimes vary greatly, one should always remember.

In the diagram above you can also see how changing sales in a particular price segment, and the table shows which companies are leading each of them.

As you can see, at the bottom of the leader is Xiaomi, and top — Apple.


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