Cortex-R52 — first processor architecture ARMv8-R, focused on creating solutions for automotive market

The automotive electronics market is growing at an impressive pace. For example, Nvidia has long been realized that this is a completely new only emerging segment, which in the future can make a greater revenue.

Now the company announced that it was time to develop something based on the automotive segment. The outcome is a processor core Cortex-R52. On the basis of such nuclei and should, according to ARM, to create automotive microprocessors designed for auto-pilot. In addition, the Cortex-R52 focused on the medical field.

The new solution is the architecture ARMv8-R, introduced in 2013. But only now, ARM has created the first processor with this architecture. We will remind, the main feature of the ARMv8-R hypervisor is a hardware that allows programmers to combine different operating systems, real-time tasks and applications on a single processor. While various «modules» remain isolated from each other.
— Meets the strict automotive ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3. Cortex-R52 is well suited for applications that require additional security features.

STMicroelectronics has become the first ARM partner that has licensed a new kernel for their single-chip systems. However, it will be a long time before the market will be ready-made solutions with Cortex-R52, not to mention the moment when these decisions will be used in production cars.



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