Cortana for Android OS after the upgrade you can launch from the lock screen

Cortana is a modern voice assistant, which in most cases remember last. While the same AI taking over the mobile market or the entire row (in the case of the Alexa), the brainchild of Microsoft suffered due to poor sales of smartphones with Windows Mobile and now, in fact, will depend entirely on the desktop of Windows 10.

But some attempts to master the mobile segment, Microsoft still makes. In particular, Cortana is available for Android OS and iOS. And after the next update, according to a source, Cortana can be launched directly from the lock screen, which makes the use of this application more convenient.

Updated app for Android will be available this week. In the settings item will appear with the option add a shortcut to Cortana on lock screen. Then this screen will appear the relevant icon, pulling which you can launch the voice assistant Microsoft. And it will even work with some third party launchers with their lock screens.

In General, innovation is easy, but it is unlikely that it will make the app more popular. At the moment in the Google Play Store from Cortana a rating of 4.2 when the number of 1-5 million downloads



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