Corning has shown how it is possible to use Gorilla glass in cars

Insert 2017 CES, Corning has brought conceptual development unusual in her region. Manufacturer of tempered glass Gorilla Glass showed how it is possible to use this material in cars.

Glass Gorilla Glass made windshield, which simultaneously plays the role of a projection screen for augmented reality applications, bringing him information about the trip and the surrounding objects. Tempered glass is also covered with a dashboard that is built stretching from edge-to-edge display.

Also glass is made of Gorilla Glass hatch. In addition, they glazed the rear lights. Exterior styling designed to reflect the use of high technology, involves dispersing the fibers, creating a soft glow around the rear and front bumpers. They carry the load and functional, working brake lights and indicators and electric vehicle charging.

Source: CDR info, Corning



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