Cooling system for memory modules Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum Fan decorated with full color RGB backlight

The range of the company Corsair has added a new variant of the cooling system for memory modules the Dominator Airflow Platinum Fan. From the original it has full-colour backlight.

The backlight is built with two 50 mm fan whose speed is controlled via PWM. The maximum value of 3700 rpm corresponds to the total air flow 36 m3/h and noise level of 25.6 dBA. To change the rotation speed and backlight settings allows FOR Corsair Link.

The fans service life period, the manufacturer estimated at 150 000 h (temperature 40°C). The installation of the cooling system Dominator Airflow Platinum Fan RGB is very simple — the plastic latches are fixed in slots for memory modules.

Note that the ability to install cooling system Dominator Airflow Platinum Fan RGB depends on the system configuration cooling of the processor and the distance between CPU socket and slots for memory modules.



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