CoolerMaster CeBIT, 2017: ready PC German Assembly

Our correspondent visited the CoolerMaster pavilion at the exhibition at CeBIT 2017 and spoke about his campaign in a series of photographs.

The exhibition CoolerMaster includes a computer housing, including model Mastercase Pro 6 with quick-detachable panels held by magnets. Body shown, that is, in fact: the picture depicts a PC, assembled in Mastercase Pro 6 German company Kiebel.

The front of the top panel there are connectors I / o, carefully covered with a lid.

In addition to housing, this PC used and other components CoolerMaster. In particular, processor ITS MasterLiquid 240. Its radiator mounted to the top.

Removable top panel.

The front panel is visible to the optical drive.

Space of the housing is divided into two parts. At the bottom is the PSU CoolerMaster V650.

It looks like the system in the case Masterbox 5 MSI Edition, front panel which is decorated with symbols of the MSI.

This PC uses an air cooling system CPU CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED, and power supply CoolerMaster G550M.

Budget model Masterbox 5 Lite costs less than 50 euros. Its appearance can be changed using decorative panels.

Small panels are offered in two color options.

The side panel of tinted glass allows you to see the components inside the case, especially if they have lighting.

Case Maker 5T is used in the PC assembled for the 25th anniversary CoolerMaster.

This is evidenced by the picture on the top decorative panel.

Power supply — CoolerMaster also production. This Masterwatt Maker model 1200.

The system rests on a ASRock X99 Gaming i7, Intel Core i7-6850K, which is reflected on the side panel.

Source: Own correspondent iXBT in Hanover


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