CoolerMaster CeBIT, 2017: power supplies, fans and something else

As for the power supply units at CeBIT 2017 company CoolerMaster have brought a new range of Masterwatt Lite.

It includes models with capacity from 400 to 700 W with a certificate 80 Plus White (on assurances of the representative of the company, they demonstrate the indicators at the level of 80 Plus Silver). The price of these models is equal to 10 Euro for every 100 watts of power.

A separate place was awarded to «fully analog» PSU Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ with capacity of 1200 W, which we recently told.

It manufacturer provides 10 years guarantee, which is inherited, even BP has changed ownership, and the check has not been preserved.

According to the representative of CoolerMaster, the unit uses only Japanese capacitors.

Power supply Masterwatt Maker 1200 MIJ has a very high stability and efficiency. It supports the output voltage when the input voltage drops to 73 and even with short-term failures of the input voltage. Cable system — all model.

MasterFan Pro fans size 120 and 140 mm is equipped with multiple-color illumination.

To control the illumination of rotation uses a separate connector connected to the motherboard or controller.

If you connect the fan to nothing, you can select the display light switch to the fan.

Complete the story about the pavilion CoolerMaster pictures keyboard Mastrekeys’s addressed to computer enthusiasts.

It uses the Cherry MX Green switches. Although the keyboard is not positioned as a gaming, the WASD keys are highlighted. Apparently, just in case.

The price of this keyboard is not yet determined, but as a guide the manufacturer called the interval 100-140 euros.

Source: Own correspondent iXBT in Hanover

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