Cooler Master showed two conceptual CPU cooler, one of which resembles a mushroom

At Computex Cooler Master has displayed several unusual devices, which are subject resources wrote just now.

One of these is the CPU cooler MasterAir Maker 3DLV. It’s a concept, so it is unknown whether there will be selling something similar.

The cooler is interesting primarily to the fact that it uses a closed system of four heat pipes. Similarly, at the time used in the line Zalman CNPS 9000.

In addition, the chiller has received three 120-millimeter fan. The manufacturer claims that this decision will allow to remove up to 200 W of thermal power.

Another interesting device is called a Heat Column Concept, and it is also a concept.

The cooler resembles a mushroom or flying saucer. This particular version is quite compact, and can remove up to 100 watts of heat output thanks to the fully copper radiator. But experts Cooler Master noted that she had not yet decided on the final specifications and overall dimensions in particular. This may mean that the company could eventually produce several similar coolers with different dimensions and performances.

Cooler Master


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