Controllers Silicon Motion SM2705EN and SM2707EN of specification 6.0 and SD speed class A2

The company introduced the Silicon Motion controllers SM2705EN and SM2707EN designed for memory cards. They meet the requirements of the specifications 6.0 and SD speed class Class 2 Application Performance (A2). Recall that these specifications were adopted in February.

Marking A2 guarantees the performance for read operations random access is not below 4000 IOPS on write operations — not less than 2,000 IOPS and data transfer rate — 10 MB/s. moreover, SD card 6.0 should support the command queue, caching, and background «self-service», initiated by the or by the controller.

The difference between single-channel controllers SM2705EN and SM2707EN is adresama the maximum amount of flash memory, which is 256 GB and 2 TB respectively. Memory can be both single-layer and 3D NAND.

The interface controllers support LVS (low voltage signaling) with a voltage level of 1.8 V, which is mandatory for A2 cards. While maintaining compatibility with equipment not marked LVS, that is designed for a voltage of 3.3 V. of Course, the reduction of energy consumption in this case will have to forget.

Controllers are already available to card manufacturers. The appearance of maps based on the Silicon Motion SM2705EN and SM2707EN in sales expected next quarter.

Source: Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion


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