Controller Marvell 88NV1160 designed for SSDs that support NVMe

The company Marvell announced the release of the SSD controller, designated 88NV1160. The controller does not need for its operation in the DRAM memory and supports NVMe Protocol. The manufacturer notes that 88NV1160 Marvell demonstrates industry-leading energy efficiency and read speed of up to 1600 MB/s. Controller in the package type is BGA on the Board a plot size of only 9 x 10 mm, making it suitable for drives sizes M. M. 2230 and 2242, used in ultrathin systems.

Controller to the NVMe specification 1.3 and supports buffering in host memory. It integrates dual-core ARM Cortex-R5 hardware accelerators and memory SRAM. The controller is compatible with 15-nanometer flash memory TLC 2D and 3D TLC/QLC supports ONFI3 and Toggle2 NAND. It is produced according 28-nanometer technology. Study samples Marvell 88NV1160 already available to customers.

Source: Marvell



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