Contract prices for flash-memory of type NAND has increased by 25% in the first quarter and will continue to grow during the year

Experts DRAMeXchange estimates that in the first quarter of this year, contract prices for flash-memory of type NAND increased by 20-25%.

The reason for the price increase, as has been reported repeatedly, is the current industry transition from planar memory to the flash memory 3D NAND. The head of the research Department DRAMeXchange Alan Chen (Alan Chen) confirms that the production volumes of the planar memory in the first quarter dropped significantly. In this regard, there is a shortage of the product, and prices continue to rise. The forecast which was previously made by the company Phison Electronics, has not been confirmed.

According to DRAMeXchange, this situation will continue in the market throughout the year, and suppliers of flash memory NAND type will enjoy excellent financial performance until the fourth quarter of 2017.


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