Contests on New year 2018: how to spend the holiday fun?

New year celebration is not only the gatherings at the holiday table, gifts, congratulations from family and friends. To diversify new year’s evening contests and games. They entertain bored guests, corporate parties or traditional family dinner. If you celebrate the New year in the cheerful company, then you especially can not do without competitions and quizzes that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Preparing for the celebration

Pre-new year rush, try to take the time to plan games and competitions. After writing something interesting directly 31 December will be difficult.

Active outdoor games need perfectly «interweave» between meals, greetings and dancing. For some competitions you will need the props that you need to prepare in advance. Place them in individual packages labeled to avoid confusion during the games.

Prepare the prizes. It may be small Souvenirs, candles in the shape of a symbol of the year, firecrackers, fancy Christmas balls, etc.

Balloons with wishes

This game with enthusiasm to be met with guests as they require virtually nothing to do. Besides new year’s eve everyone wants to hear nice comments and predictions.

Offers inflated balloons (with helium), in which is embedded wishes. Prepare in advance beautiful beads, tied with a thin multi-colored ribbons, and invite guests to take one, devour them by any sharp objects and get notes.

Notes can be written on plain paper or made on a specially decorated sheets of paper, folded in the shape of the envelope. Such wishes are saved to your guests for a long time and will be reminded of a fun evening with friends.

Fun figures

Games built on the principle «question-answer» very popular with the guests. Fun questions get no less humorous replies, which is very refreshing and allows the company to create a relaxed atmosphere at the table.

For the game, prepare small pieces of paper and pens according to the number of guests. Give them invited, and invite you to record a favorite number or any to choose from. Now ask the guests humorous questions, for example how often you eat, how much you weigh, etc.

Let guests offer their questions, so the game will be more fun.
The answers to these questions will serve as the digits written by the guests.


Not a word of truth

We are taught from childhood to speak only the truth, the time has come to unleash their imagination and to invent the most incredible stories. The game is «No truth» popular and fun game that is perceived with enthusiasm by companies of all ages.

The essence of the game

Prepare in advance with questions concerning mainly the Christmas holidays, traditions, etc.

Examples of questions for the game:

  • What is customary to give New year in China?
  • What movie are most looking Russians for the New year?
  • That decorate before a holiday, etc.

Simple, at first glance, the questions need to be answered with humorous answers, it does not speak a word of truth. It’s great fun for guests on the go come up with interesting answers that are radically different from the real one.

Those who make mistakes and accidentally called truthful information, get free kick the ball, and at the end of the game, guests scored the most number of penalties have to sing a song, read a poem or dance.


The game is mobile, so it’s best to play it in the late evening, when the guests order sat at the table and want to Flex a little. In addition, many guests are by this time a little tipsy, which makes the game much more fun.

«Sight» of your guests-«snipers» downed several glasses of champagne, and this is just what you need for a successful game.

Prepare the props:

  • «snowballs» – a crumpled ball of white paper
  • baskets – the number of teams

The game will be more interesting and exciting, if you replace baskets for children’s basketball hoops.

Divide guests into teams and hand out the «snowballs».

Now begins the most fun. The enthusiasm of the guests with each attempt to get to the basket (ring) will increase. The passion and desire to win will cheer them up and lift your spirits.

The winning team will receive prizes and the loser has to fulfill the wishes of the winners. Believe me, guests will come up with a losing team very funny «punishment».

News from the future

After an active game with the «snowballs» you can offer the game «news from the future or the new year.» The game will require a pre-prepared cards with a set of completely unrelated with each other words.

For example:

  • Winter, pineapple, vacuum cleaner
  • Santa Claus, space, cucumber, etc.

Guests for a few minutes to become the leading news.
From words they came across in the cards necessary to write funny news.

Remember school

To escape for the festive table, you can play a fun game like «Remember the school or the alphabet», anyone can call.

Another raising of glasses needs to be turned into a game where each guest has to make a quick toast, which was started on letter of the alphabet.

For example:

  • And let’s toast to health!
  • Be happy and loved in the New year!
  • Cheers to us! etc.

The winner is the one who, in their opinion, gave the most hilarious toast.

Extra chair

This game is familiar to us from childhood. How insulting it was when you did not have enough chairs for you and how glad at heart when you have found a place.

For an adult game company «Extra chair» is no less relevant. It allows you to recall your childhood years and some stretching after a long sitting at the table.

Arrange chairs in a circle in number 1 less than game participants. Turn on a happy song and stop it at the most unexpected moment. It was then that the players should occupy a free space. After each round one chair is removed. The contest continues until, until you identify the prompt and considerate guest who is traditionally rewarded with a prize.

Preparing games and contests for the New year, you need to consider what kind of company they will be. For celebration with friends in an apartment or small dining choose table games that do not require large space.

If the celebration takes place with the participation of a large number of guests in the spacious hall, it is better to allocate a free place and hold it active games and contests.

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