Consumer Reports recommend to buy a new MacBook Pro after Apple fixed the bug in Safari

Yesterday we reported that Apple found a reason why during a Consumer Reports test of its new laptops have shown contradictory results of Autonomous work.

Today, experts Consumer Reports published a report on the results of re-testing. The report says that testing Protocol has not changed, but used the updated Apple software. Recall that the problem was in Safari, so it is meant. About browser caching not reported. Given the mention of a constant process of testing, it can be assumed that it still was disabled.

However, it must be noted that the updated date is still in the framework of the Beta Software Program, but the full version will be released later.

In the end, all three models at the disposal of Consumer Reports, has shown good results. More specifically, a source says of 15.75-18.75 hours depending on the model. Accordingly, now Consumer Reports experts recommend novelties of Apple to buy.

It turns out that only the first report Consumer Reports Apple seriously took up the problem and solved it, although it insisted that any problems with a new laptop, there. Directly with laptops and they are really not there, but is an integral part of the device, especially if it’s native browser. So it only remains to thank Consumer Reports for what they helped the owners of the new MacBook Pro.



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