Consumer Reports calls the display of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 «attractive natural» even with a reddish tinge

Non-profit organization Consumer Reports, which defends the interests of consumers since 1936, has tested the Samsung Galaxy S8 or rather, in the wording checked as many as eight devices.

The main reason for such a large sample was to Consumer Reports to check how common a problem with the color, which we already reported. Recall some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is reported that displays of devices have a reddish tint. Samsung has promised to release a software update that will correct the situation.

So, according to Consumer Reports, the problem is far-fetched, although four of the eight tested Samsung Galaxy S8 do have a reddish tint. The thing is that the tint can only be noticed if we place together two smartphones with different colors. Moreover, even with a reddish tinge to the display of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 displays a very «attractive natural» picture.

«It is unclear how many people will be able to distinguish between this shade, especially if not compare next two smartphones. In any case, this is easily fixed by adjusting the color balance», — stated in the review at Consumer Reports.



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