Consumer Intel Cannon Lake will support the instruction set the AVX-512

The source reports that the Intel documents indicate support for future processors Cannon Lake set of AVX-512. It concerns the normal consumer CPU lines.

More specifically, the new CPU will support AVX512F and AVX512CD that match the capabilities of the solutions Skylake-SP. In addition, the very architecture of Cannon Lake will support and AVX512_IFMA with AVX512_VBMI, but it is unclear whether it will touch a consumer CPU or will it remain the prerogative of server solutions.

All this will be true for CPU Ice Lake. We will remind, Cannon Lake will be treated to an eighth-generation processor Core, and Lake Ice — nine. Thus both those, and others will be produced at 10-nanometer process technology. Previously it was thought that the CPU Cannon Lake will be available only in the mobile segment, however, the table shows that this is not so.

The introduction in the consumer CPU support AVX-512 can indicate that Intel will try to force the developers accordingly to optimize FOR, because at the moment, for the average user, the meaning of the processors support AVX-512 are almost there.



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