Console PS4 Pro receive mode Boost Mode

Sony told about the mode Boost Mode that will be added after the release of firmware update PS4 gaming console Pro. We will remind, PS4 Pro is a more productive version of the PS4, which was released in November last year.

Boost Mode has become available to users of the beta version of the new firmware, it should immediately be noted that this mode will only be available on PS4 Pro but not on PS4. In a nutshell, this mode allows the previously released games for the PS4 to work at higher frame rate, even if the developers have not released an update to take advantage of PS4 Pro.

In addition to the higher frame rate, you also get reduced the load time of applications. Sony does not guarantee that the Boost Mode will improve any game for the PS4. In the settings also says that the mode should be turned off if you notice any negative effects.



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