Console Microsoft Project Scorpio will receive 12 GB of GDDR5 memory bus width 384-discharge

It is no secret that the current generation of «big consoles» is unique. Unique it the fact that received a major update, which cannot be called a new generation. More precisely, the console Sony PS4 has already received in such a model, Pro PS4, but Xbox One will only get the enhanced version, which is hiding under the code name Project Scorpio.

In the time of the announcement Microsoft promised that the new console will be more productive updated the competitor. In particular, we were promised 6 against 4.2 TFLOPS TFLOPS PS4 Pro. It looks even more interesting if to remember that the PS4 is more powerful Xbox One (vs 1,32 1,8 TFLOPS TFLOPS).

And here is the online Digital Foundry got the detailed parameters of the new console Microsoft. So, a hybrid CPU in Project Scorpio in comparison with the Xbox One has changed more than the PS4 bundle/PS4 Pro. For example, eight Jaguar CPU cores will give way to eight cores, specially designed for console APU. Besides, they increase the frequency to 2.3 GHz. Most important is a new GPU. If Xbox One used AMD GCN architecture with 12 compute units (768 sweat processors) and frequency of 853 MHz, the new GPU has 40 compute units with a frequency of 1172 MHz. Most likely, talking about the same architecture used in the GPU Polaris. That is, the GPU of the new console contains 2560 stream processors.

The amount of memory has increased from 8 GB to 12 GB, but it is not DDR3 and GDDR5. But developers only available with 8 GB and the remaining amount is reserved for the system. But from the 32 MB of memory’s esram refused. Memory bandwidth provided is equal to 326 GB/s bus width 384 bits, which gives a frequency of 6800 MHz. As the drive is a conventional HDD of 1TB. Also will drive 4K UHD Blu-ray.

It can be noted that APU is made on 16-nanometer process technology, contains 7 billion transistors, and its area is 360 mm2. Cooling is to be used WITH a radiator comprising a vaporization chamber.

As for performance, the game Forza runs at 4K resolution at 60 fps.



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