Conceptual unmanned vehicle Sony SC-1 devoid of even Windows

In the automotive market, there is one feature: to create concepts that will never be implemented in reality. Yes, sometimes the concepts are prototypes of future models, but they are often set up just for demonstration.

It refers to such a concept Sony SC-1. This is how the Japanese giant sees the future of unmanned vehicles. The fact that this concept for concept, proves, for example, the lack of Windows. Instead, they are screens and to operate the machine, and such a feature is provided, if necessary, offer, focusing on images from multiple cameras.

Except their cars are equipped with lidar equipment, ultrasonic sensors and a communication module 5G company DoCoMo. Sony did not even think of how the engine will be equipped with SC-1, noting only that it was a unit on alternative fuels.

In this case, interestingly, SC-1 really exists. Sony claims that the prototype travels around the University in Okinawa since last month. The dimensions of the vehicle are 3140 x 1850 x 1310 mm. It is designed for three passengers and can move at speeds up to 19 km/h.



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