Completely passive mini-PC Compulab Airtop can now equipped with GeForce GTX 1060

A year ago, we wrote about an interesting mini-PC Compulab Airtop volume of 7.5 liters, eye-catching the fact that it had Intel Core i7-5775C and GeForce GTX 950 with completely passive cooling. Furthermore, the range of and workstation CPU Xeon E3-1285L v4 and 3D-card Quadro M4000.

But GeForce GTX 950 though allows you to play modern games, has no margin of safety. You can not say about the GeForce GTX 1060. This adapter is now also installed in the Airtop and all the same for completely passive cooling.

Also now in stock Compulab has not two, but four versions: server Airtop-S, workstation Airtop-W, games version Airtop-G and table Airtop-D. there is Also a Configurator that allows you to collect PC in accordance with his ideas.

The last two versions based on the CPU Core i7-5775C, workstation and server version got Xeon E3-1285L v4. RAM all versions can be up to 32 GB, and to install drives there are four SATA ports, slot for SSD format M. 2, and mSATA slot. For graphics processing meets the integrated GPU of the CPU, the GeForce GTX 1060 or Quadro M4000, although it is possible to choose and less productive solutions. PC adapters are equipped with wireless interfaces and connectors USB 3.0 (x4), USB 2.0 (x6), COM (x3), DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 a and Gigabit Ethernet (x2). The set of ports differs depending on the version. In the picture you can see the connectors at the workstation. Dimensions are 100 x 300 x 255 mm and weight of 5-5. 8 kg.

As for the cost, it varies greatly depending on the configuration. PC can be bought even without a CPU, that is in the form of a Barebone kit. But the version with the GTX 1060 will cost at least $ 1,700.



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