Company Vizio fined $2.2 million for unauthorized collection of user data

The California-based company Vizio is well known in the U.S. for its consumer devices especially TVs. However, it turned out that the Vizio TVs along with their direct functions and other illegal: embedded software in real time tracking a small area displayed on the screen at the pictures and compared these data with information from the database of media content Vizio. Such a clever way Vizio is practically word of mouth to obtain information about what the user sees on the TV screen. Spyware detected in 11 million TVs Vizio, released in February 2014.

However, not limited. Vizio was collected and other, primarily demographic information about themselves: gender, age, income, marital status, household size, level of education. This information is sold to third parties and used for various purposes, including targeted advertising.

The investigation conducted by the Federal trade Commission and the office of the attorney General of new Jersey, never reached court: Vizio agreed to pay an impressive fine of $2.2 million and subject to certain requirements, including removal of all accumulated data, implementation of a comprehensive program to ensure the confidentiality of collected information and subsequent evaluation of this program every two years.

Sources: FTC, Androidheadlines



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