Company TSMC has received orders for the production of 12-nanometer chip Nvidia, MediaTek, Silicon Motion Technology and HiSilicon

While the company TSMC only tests the production of chips according to the norms of 7 nm, she has managed to obtain orders for production of goods according to norms of 12 nm. According to industry sources, the orders came from Nvidia, MediaTek, Silicon Motion Technology and HiSilicon.

According to industry representatives, the new technological process will allow TSMC in this step, technological standards to compete with Samsung and Globalfoundries, which offer a variety of process technology FD-SOI, calculated on the norms of 14 and 12 nm, respectively. New process technology of TSMC is developing its 16-nanometer process technology. It provides low leakage currents and low cost.

Finer process technology TSMC, allowing the use of the norms of 10 nm, will be used for the production of Apple, MediaTek and HiSilicon.

Source: Digitimes



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