Company Si-Ware introduced a tiny spectrometer NeoSpectra Micro, which can be easily integrated in the mobile equipment

Earlier this month we wrote about the world’s first consumer smartphone equipped with a molecular scanner. Something similar could appear in Apple devices.

Company Si-Ware presented their project called NeoSpectra Micro. This fully integrated chip for spectral analysis. It is the spectroscopy is the basis of molecular scanners. By the way, Si-Ware even mentions that the smartphone Changhong H2, noting, in contrast, can be used in a variety of electronic devices.

The developers intend to offer their products at a price of $ 100. That is, to equip them with any smart phone will not work, as this will significantly increase the cost of the latter. Anyway, NeoSpectra Micro will be available for customers at the end of the year.

As for the iPhone, it is such Si-Ware took over as the basis for demonstrating their development. The company has created a cover for smartphone equipped with a scanner NeoSpectra Micro, and thus showed its capabilities.

Chip size is 18 x 18 x 4 mm, allowing you to integrate it into most modern devices. NeoSpectra Micro works in the near IR range.

Of course, talking about the mass implementation of such solutions in consumer electronics in the near future is unlikely, but the development of the technology eventually will make it available to everyone.


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