Company PAL-V began taking orders for the world’s first consumer flying car Liberty the price of 300 000 euros

Company PAL-V first in the world to accept orders for flying cars Liberty. Apparently, she’ll be the first to start serial production of such vehicles. This will be done at the end of this year and deliveries will begin late next.

Liberty was designed by the Dutch for nearly two decades. The result of the labors has become the rotary-wing car represented in the pictures below.

The aircraft is a gyroplane (or autogyro) and is designed for two people. Vehicle dimensions are 4 x 2 x 1.7 m fitted with two Liberty engines. «Motor» is rated at 100 HP and is able to overclock the machine on the way to 100 km/h in 9 s and the maximum speed reaches 160 km/h. «Helicopter» more powerful engine: 200 HP enough to move in the air with a maximum speed of 180 km/h and cruising at 140 km/h. the Range of 400-500 km, and the maximum height is 3500 m. the Unladen weight is equal to 664 kg and a maximum take — 910 kg.

Fly on the go will not succeed. To change the mode with the traffic on the flight will take about five to ten minutes and pad sizes 200 x 20 m For landing strip sufficient length of 30 m.

Liberty is available in two versions: Sport and better equipped to Pioneer Edition. The expected first cost is EUR 300 000 or $ 400 000, while more expensive will cost € 500,000 or $ 600,000.



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