Company Nest is working on a more affordable model of smart thermostat, as well as several new devices

According to the source, citing a person familiar with the matter, company Nest belonging to the Alphabet holding company, is developing a more affordable version of its smart thermostat.

It is reported that the novelty will cost less than $ 200, whereas the current model is sold for $ 250. A cheaper model will enable the company to increase market share, which it is, in fact, created.

As for differences, it is only known that the novelty will use less expensive components. For example, will be deprived of the metal housing. Expect a new thermostat in the near future is not worth it. A source says the appearance of the device only in the following year. Also it will offer remote temperature sensors.

In addition, Nest is working on some home alarm system, digital doorbell and updated home surveillance camera. The alarm system will include sensors for doors and Windows, control unit, and a keyboard where you will need to enter the password, if the operation of the system.



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