Company Idemitsu Kosan will expand production of materials for OLED in South Korea

Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan, which produces materials for OLED, announced the intention to expand production owned by the South Korean subsidiary of Idemitsu Electronic Materials Korea. According to the manufacturer, the decision is dictated by the expected increase in demand for these materials in connection with growth of volumes of manufacture of OLED displays.

Now the South Korean factory can produce five tons of materials per year. After the expansion, its capacity will increase up to eight tons per year. Taking into account the capacity of the factory Idemitsu in Japan, the total capacity will reach 10 tons per year. The commissioning of new capacities into operation is expected in September 2017. A list of customers and partners Idemitsu includes LG Display, AU Optronics, UDC, Doosan and Merck.

Source: Idemitsu Kosan



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