Company BOE was the first Chinese manufacturer of flexible OLED panels

According to ET News, the company BOE ready to start shipping flexible OLED panels. This makes the BOE the first Chinese manufacturer who has mastered the serial production of these products. The panel size of 5.5 inches will be to the company Huawei, which hopes to use them in smartphones.

In addition to the panel size of 5.5 inches, in November, the manufacturer expects to start producing panels with a size of 5.99 inch. The panel will produce a factory B7 working with underlays 6G. First, the issue volume will be small — about 10,000 panels per month, but after reaching the design capacity of the enterprise will be able to produce about 90 million panels for smartphones (45,000 substrates per month).

In 2019 should enter into operation the second factory BOE, calculated on the substrate 6-Gen. Its performance is also equal to 45,000 substrates per month. The cost of the project is of 6.87 billion.



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