Company BOE has already ordered Kateeva equipment for the manufacture of AMOLED TV panels by inkjet printing

In February of this year, the company BOE Display announced a plan to open in Hefei, Eastern China experienced lines for the production of 55-inch television panels such as AMOLED by inkjet printing.

According to new reports, the manufacturer has already ordered equipment for the new line. His supplier is a company Kateeva.

By the way, Kateeva is the only manufacturer of such equipment. Last year it became known that prototypes Kateeva machines for the manufacture of AMOLED TV panels by inkjet printing was purchased by customers from Japan, China and South Korea. The South Korean customer was called back then — is the company Samsung Display, expects to start producing AMOLED TV panels by inkjet printing to 2018. The Chinese customer was probably the company is BOE Display.

According to a recent message, the BOE is planning to build factories for the production of AMOLED panels on substrates 10.5 G.

It remains to add that the BOE already has the 8.5 G line in Hefei, which produced the panels for AMOLED TVs, but still in small quantities.

Source: Digitimes



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