Company Aqua Computer introduced the Kryographics water-block for 3D-card on GPU AMD Vega

Company Aqua Computer has introduced water-block Kryographics intended for 3D cards built on AMD GPUs Vega. More specifically, these chassis are suitable for reference models of the Radeon RX Vega 64, Radeon RX 56 Vega and Vega Frontier Pro Radeon Edition.

The manufacturer offers two versions of the waterblock, distinguished by the fact that one Nickel-plated copper base, but not in another. Nickel plated variant is equipped with led backlight.

Actually the waterblock covers the GPU with crystals and the nearby voltage regulators.

The metal pieces with clear acrylic cover has a detail of opaque plastic, giving the piece a resemblance to motobloki with full coverage.

The connection uses a pair of standard threaded holes G 1/4. Nickel plated version costs 130 euros for a simple 110 euros.



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