Company Alibaba has submitted its home helper Tmall Genie

Home voice assistants — a new trend for the near future. One Amazon, which has created the first such device that sells for a few million a year, and every month is joined by new players.

So, your version introduced Chinese giant Alibaba. The new product is called Tmall Genie and is estimated at about $ 73, which is significantly cheaper than most competitors.

The list of skills the device is quite standard for such decisions at the start of its sales. Tmall Genie is able to answer the questions, using the information in Network, to control music playback, manage the paired appliances to make purchases in the online store Tmall and so on.

But, as is well shown by the example of Amazon, no less important is the support of third party developers, each month develop hundreds of new skills for family devices Echo. As this will have Tmall Genie, is unclear.

Unfortunately, the device will be sold only in China and understands only Chinese. At least for the moment.

As for parameters, the novelty is based on SoC MediaTek MT8516 features amplifier TI TAS5751M and weighs 400 g with dimensions 126 x 83 mm.



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