Compact version of the gaming console Sony PS4 hit the camera lens

Sony and Microsoft said that they are preparing an updated console this generation in order for users to be able to play modern projects in 4K. But in addition, the company will launch the «thinner» models current versions of the consoles.

And if Microsoft has introduced the Xbox One S and has managed to bring it to market, then the PS4 Slim (name unofficial) first got into the camera lens.

Of course, the pictures can be fake, but the console is very similar to the present device, and the presence of packing and accessories bags photos adds credibility.

And Yes, the console is really smaller than the original device. How, is as yet unknown. You can also see what’s called the console, just the PS4 without any Slim and other new words. The sealed model is equipped with HDD 500 GB. Given that sales of the Xbox increased significantly after the announcement of a 2-terabyte model One S, Sony should consider to bring to market a compact with new higher capacity drive.



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