Compact digital camera Fujifilm X100F is estimated at 89 999 rubles.

Fujifilm announces the upcoming release of a new compact digital camera Fujifilm X100F (X100F), which is scheduled for February 2017. Recommended retail price X100F is 89 999 rubles.

The camera is equipped with a unique X100F improved hybrid viewfinder with two modes: optical (OVF) and electronic (EVF). The new camera boasts a stylish design, it also overcame the shortcomings of previous models and improved ergonomics.

To X100F features of the model include the best in the series sensor X-Trans CMOS III APS-C format resolution of 24.3 MP with no low pass filter and a high speed processor X Processor Pro.

The main indicators of responsiveness in the model X100F was radically improved. Turn on time (0.5 seconds), shooting interval (0.2 seconds), shutter lag (0.01 seconds) and fast autofocus (0.08 seconds) guarantee an instant response to all actions of the photographer.

The number of focus points has been considerably increased: from 49 in the previous models up to 91 (max 325 points). Approximately 40% of the picture area (the Central area containing 49 focus points) cover pixels autofocus with phase detection for fast and accurate autofocusing, which can be useful in a variety of subjects.

Adjustable magnification electronic rangefinder, which is shown in a small window in the lower right corner of the optical viewfinder (EVF), improves the accuracy of focusing. Besides the frame and focus in manual mode is a function of correcting parallax in real time.

The innovations of the model are X100F: ISO disk combined with a disk shutter speed, focus mode switch that allows you to move the focus area without taking your eye from the viewfinder, and the «C» to activate exposure compensation up to ±5 steps. Most of the buttons and dials are concentrated in the right part of the camera that allows you to quickly change settings while shooting.



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