Communication between users through Apple iMessage is fixed. The company stores data on all application requests

Apple always claimed that the data sent through iMessage are encrypted and cannot be decrypted. The company allegedly also has no access to the personal correspondence of users.

New data suggests that some nuances in this issue is still there and Apple is holding out on you.

iMessage allows you to send text messages in two ways. When a user sends a message, sends the request to Apple server in order to know whether the recipient user device supercinski company or not. If Yes, the message comes in the same iMessage service, if not sent as plain SMS. To be precise, the request is sent even before the message was sent. FOR checks of the recipient at the time of entering his contact in the appropriate field.

So, according to the source, Apple records all such requests to the servers and saves them. And it’s not only the fact of the request but the IP address of the sender, and the time and date of the request. This information is collected to ensure that in the case of law enforcement requests to provide it to them. Given the above, log records all requests, even if in the end the message was not sent.



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