Common Sense Media claims that U.S. adults spend more time in front of screens than kids and Teens

The organization Common Sense Media conducted a study to find out how much time US residents with the screens of mobile devices, computers and televisions.

As it turned out, adults often Express dissatisfaction with the fact that children and teenagers spend too much time playing computer games and social networks, on average, do look at the screens 9 hours and 22 minutes per day. Moreover, to work accounts for only 18% of the time, and 82% or 7 hours and 43 minutes — «individual activity», which includes watching television, video games and the Internet. 51% of respondents communication with screens takes more than 8 hours a day, another 30% spend in front of screens from 4 to 8 hours.

As for children, they spend in front of screens an average of 4.5 hours, Teens — 6.5 hours. However, according to one of the child psychologists, it should not be perceived uniquely in a negative way, as in social networks, children are communicating with friends and formed as a personality. It remains to add that the introduction to the screens starts at a very tender age: 38% of two-year children spend time with smartphones, in many cases, more than one hour daily. Study examining the long-term effects, have not yet been done.

Source: MarketWatch


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