Collection spring-summer 2018: the best from the catwalks

All the ladies of the world with bated breath waiting for new collections of fashionable brands to understand what will be important in the coming season. Held in major fashion capitals of the fashion Week was struck by his optimistic attitude, bright colours and unexpected accessories. We offer you to find the best novelties in fashion for spring-summer 2018.


In the new season collection of this fashion house showed a balance between sporty minimalism and «Royal» fashion. Over the past seasons Pierpaolo Piccioli tried to remake ball gown in sports clothes. And in 2018, he still managed to sum up the creation of a new style of the Valentino brand.

Especially this collection is like those girls who even for a trip to the nearest store, can’t go out casually dressed. Most casual things such as jeans, hoodies and sneakers, they seem incredibly boring. Therefore, even Jogging or walking with friends they try to be spectacular.

When creating the new collection, creative Director Valentino made in an unusual for this fashion house items (overalls, raincoats, anoraks) glamour, thanks to the addition of embroidery, sequins, ruffles and bows.

On the podium you could see the silk long dresses, which have acquired a sporty silhouette or mini dresses that are advantageous will look Luka in the street. From a simple jeans and t-shirts, Valentino, as always, refused. Instead, they have created colorful and spectacular outfit.

In the end they turned out to closet, can become every girl’s dream, where even normal sandals looked dazzling. Not without the traditional evening dresses from Valentino, among which, as the monochrome versions, and richly embellished outfits.


Many have probably already noted that from season to season Karl Lagerfeld is working on a rejuvenation of the fashion house. In the new season he returned to the prints the letter F. by Browsing the new collection of Fendi, you can mark print bomber from velour and fur coats that were popular 15 years ago.

Can be seen in the outfits and a reminder of the j-rock culture, presented in doll dresses with bright prints and ruffles. The main color of the collection spring-summer recognized as azure. However, the designer used a large number of cells and the strips.


The Central theme of the new collection of Miuccia Prada was the lady soldier. In this way the designer tried to draw the attention of women on the need to fight for their rights. In past collections we could mention feminist sentiments Prada, combining glamour with kitsch.

In 2018, she decided to go even further, making teyloring, rave and style of the tumb in the main collection spring-summer 2018. Almost all t-shirts from Prada was adorned with drawings of the artists made in the 30-60s of the last century.


The author’s Jersey of the famous Russian brand in the new collection have demonstrated their lookbook. This team of professionals chose the best yarn quality and use modern machines. In the end, they have created an interesting collection of dresses, cardigans, skirts, tops and coats from silk, wool, cashmere and other noble materials.

According to the founder of the brand Christina’s Horny, most comfortable element of the wardrobe is the cardigan. She boldly joined not only with the usual jeans and evening dresses.



In recent years the house of Lanvin has not the easy times. After numerous shifts creative Directors, this position was held by Olivier Lapidus, known for his ambitions. And at the last fashion Week we were able to see his first collection on this post.

It is presented most simple dresses, mostly in black and straight cut. Diluted they were pink and red mini dresses, voluminous coats and jackets. Also, Lapidus decided to make a bet on to print the name of the brand that he put on some dresses.

Among the accessories were mostly simple sandals and bright gladiators, combined with handbags-satelli and sunglasses in a retro style.


Lately in fashion can be traced to the deconstruction, which is not bypassed and a new collection of Chanel. New life received and traditional home fashion little black dresses, white dresses, tweed jackets, small bags with chain, two tone shoes and hats, Conte.

So what has changed in these familiar Chanel items of clothing? Tweed jackets have grown to Maxi sizes. The pencil skirt was replaced by Cycling shorts and cocktail dresses embellished with ruffles and feathers are now used with rain cover-cover.

And to surprise the audience, the designer presented a plastic clothes. PVC made bags, boater, gloves and boots, which are indispensable in daily life.


Alessandro Michele did not change their traditions and as usual United in their collection of different cultures and even epochs. Accessories clearly traced paganism and the worship of idols. A long dress complemented by a hood, making them resemble the dress of the priestesses of ancient cults.

Satin and velvet blazers, wide-brimmed hats and voluminous hair, and reminded the audience of fashion 70-ies of the last century.

Max Mara

The main theme of the new collection of Max Mara became hedonism and romanticism, taken in the poetry of Baudelaire. In the center of the suits and trench coats, dark colors, skirts and dresses with floral prints.

Calvin Klein

In his next collection for this fashion house RAF Simons once again decided to show the horror of American life with the help of pop culture. Therefore, the leather coats look like they survived the attack of birds. And the dresses can be seen traces of blood. Some things remind package found of Laura Palmer from twin peaks.

All presented at the last fashion Weeks collection became a kind of cocktail of different cultures and eras. Millions of fashionistas all over the world could familiarize yourself with the basic trends of fashion industry next spring and summer 2018.

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