Collection Chanel (Chanel): Spring-Summer 2018

The name Gabrielle Chanel is considered synonymous with unsurpassed style and femininity. A brilliant designer, a legendary figure turned the idea of many of the present fashion.

Collection of Coco, as it is playfully referred to in the global fashion circles, creating a stylish and elegant trends that for a long time been a classic fashion preferences.

The successor of the main trends of Gabrielle Chanel’s modern talented designer, Karl Lagerfeld. He tried to preserve the stylistic techniques Coco and to introduce them with modern fabrics, extravagant accessories and fashion accents.

The collection spring-summer of 2018 made a splash in the fashion world. Recent images of Karl Lagerfeld’s spotless femininity and comfort, they are imbued with inspiration for sophisticated business women.

Current trends the collection of Chanel: spring-summer 2018

The show of new collection Chanel iconic event in the fashion world. To him pre-prepared and are waiting for all fans of Coco, because of the Maestro of modern style is famous for its selection of the most unexpected locations for the presentation of their collections.

Dubai, Cuba, Seoul and other major cities of the world must create outfits appropriate for a decent frame.

In 2018, Gabrielle, Lagerfeld invited guests to plunge into the images of Ancient Greece. The show itself was held in the gallery Grand Pala»s, where they created a small «island» of this beautiful country.

Fans of Chanel at the time immersed in the ancient era of fine columns, which passed along the marble pathway, immersed in an olive grove. In the distance could be seen a series of rocky «Islands» of the Aegean sea.

Among all this flavor, guests were shown dresses-tunics in pastel shades, tweed suits (classic Chanel), satin pants, a variety of tunics with patterns in the form of a Greek amphora, flowing gowns-Empire style, Greek sandals, etc.


Among the main trends of the resort collection of Chanel is worth noting:

  • a large number of metallic textures that are in fashion for more than one season. Apart from clothes, and sparkling fabrics on the catwalk were present decoration in the form of gold armlets, belts, sandals, wristbands.
  • favorites of the fashion show is chiffon and cotton, which most accurately convey floral prints

  • replaced the bored flower buds images come in floral prints
  • strips, as the main element geometric prints in the show were correctly combined with ethnic elements and motifs

  • the clear leader of colors of the season, was named the color «ivory»
  • pastel colors are not inferior to their positions, they most accurately reflect the femininity and elegance of the fair sex.

Lagerfeld used in his collection the soft shades of coffee, pale blue, quartz pink, olive.

Please discuss each significant trend collections Chanel spring-summer 2018.


The delicate ivory color is a great alternative to white. Outfit made in the shade – trendy decision in 2018.

Images of Karl Lagerfeld in ivory color are elegance and nobleness.

The styles of dresses are made with lots of soft fabrics, weightless lace blouse complemented by shimmering satin textured trousers and tweed skirts.

The outfits in this elegant color perfectly complemented by gold jewelry and large belt decorated with sequins and bright crystals.

Dresses in the Greek style

For a long time, the Greek style is often used in wedding fashion, but in this new collection, Lagerfeld proposed a new variation of this unique model as light and harmonious outfits for spring / summer 2018.

In the Chanel collection presents tunics and gowns-Empire style, made of chiffon. The choice of material is not accidental, it allows you to combine the smooth lines and exquisite draping, asymmetrical solutions and a stylish style, so perfectly conveys the femininity of the silhouette.

This outfit will fit every girl. It gives the image a touch of gentility. Straight silhouette and Empire waist allows you to visually adjust your figure.

The highlight of the collection – dresses with armhole over one shoulder. It’s a classic «Greek» style, which Lagerfeld presented a second wind. This stylistic decision makes the image more fragile and delicate.

Golden abundance by Karl Lagerfeld

Trending 2018 all shades of metallics from bronze to silver. Popular Golden shades, which are in a variety of colours.

Karl Lagerfeld apparently succumbed to «gold fever» that prevails in the world of fashion and miss the opportunity to use this precious metal in his new collection.

The gold color blends perfectly with the look of ancient Greek dresses. Ruching and draping give even more light blouse is made of chiffon and profitable emphasize the luxury corsets.

The Golden color adds the dress a kind of «high cost», thanks to which even ordinary costumes in the style of «sport chic» look elegant and rich.

Lagerfeld is known for his extravagant solutions, the latest collection has put at the forefront of the accessories with a gold design.

The details of the dresses – shoulder pads, belt, baldric, bracelets made with large gold sequins and Laurel leaves.

Natural vegetable images

The fashion world has embraced the craze for floral prints. No collection is not complete without the bright and bold designs of various flowers, buds and simply leaves and stalks.

Lush peonies, rose buds and the branches of the Sakura has become too much and these outfits do not occur with enthusiasm, as it was previously.

However, floral prints will not soon leave the collection of international designers. Here, Karl Lagerfeld presented the prints with a predominance of the same Golden color.

Bright and causing the flowers gave way to autumn leaves and embroidered with gold thread.
Like the decor perfectly complements the chiffon capes, sheer blouses, summer dresses, and soft cozy sweatshirts.

The novelty of the season – floral prints which fades into a convex applique or embroidery on the fabric. This allows you to give along greater volume.

Horizontal ripple 2018

Crinkled fabric lends greater dynamism and lightness. The trend of the season – minor folds, made a little chaotic and uneven.

Ripple, so fascinated the designers that they use this technique on almost any fabric and material.

They offered the public a chiffon and satin dress with ripple, satin evening dresses and even jackets and skirts with pleats.

Shirred fabric is not only beautiful but also very practical. It does not need Ironing, does not require special modes of washing and storage.

Carl Lagerfeld presented in his new collection of voluminous dresses made of thousands of tiny folds that create a stunning 3-D effect.

To set off such an unusual reception allow soft quiet shades – milk, blue, brick, cream color.

Tweed classic

Tweed suit from the legendary Coco a classic, and a little black dress. These outfits never go out of fashion.

The first suits of this democratic fabric appeared in 1923, when Gabrielle Chanel deliberately sent the girls to a strict male wardrobe.

At first, the outfits in the spirit of the English style was reluctantly accepted by the public, as well as everything new in the world of fashion. After 30 years concise tweed costumes were appreciated by the fashionistas of a generation and became an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe.

Karl Lagerfeld, as receiver of the traditions, Coco, is constantly offering new cut, color, and decor of this feminine and practical costume.

The resort collection was presented to the new colour anelauskas tweed. Another transformation of the outfit has affected the colours used marble of various hues. The style of costume was supplemented with large buttons — coin fringe Bohemian.

The emphasis on decoration

It is difficult to imagine a collection in a gold color jewelry made in noble gold, silver and bronze shades.

In the latest collection of fashionable jewelry is often presented in the form of large sculptural earrings, bracelets with geometric panels, the futuristic rings.

But the main favorite among the accessories – multi-row metallic choker or a necklace. As a Supplement to the ancient Greek images, you can use decorations in the form of thin chains with beads or pendants in ethnic style.

Karl Lagerfeld did not ignore hair ornaments, which are becoming increasingly popular in recent fashion seasons.

Selection of hair accessories obvious is headbands with Laurel leaves with gold or fine gold armband, decorated with large stones.

Collection Chanel spring-summer 2018 offered fashionistas a variety of stylish looks, allowing you to choose the most attractive for everyday looks and special occasions.

Dresses in the Greek style, which is experiencing a new wave of popularity for a long time will dominate the world’s catwalks, so it’s time to refill your closet with dresses-Empire and tunics in gold color.

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