Collected funds for the release of the flash U-Ring with magnet, designed for Apple iPhone

After two hours on the website Kickstarter completed the fundraising for edition flash drive U-Ring. This device is designed for use with smartphones Apple iPhone, is unusual in that it performs an additional function, the essence of which is clear from the illustrations.

In addition to the drive Lighting and USB connectors, the kit includes a base ring and a magnet glued to the phone with double-sided tape.

The magnet base has a hole, which is inserted into a steel ledge on the body of the flash drive.

To the drive with swivel attached to a second ring. The storage is planned to be released in eight color options.

«Base» is $9,9, complete with a flash drive capacity of 64 GB — $59. For $89, you can reserve a kit with a flash drive with capacity of 128 GB. The intended authors of the project goal is exceeded in half, so that the project can be considered successful.

Source: Kickstarter



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