Codenamed Juno, X: radial low profile CPU cooler

The company Thermalright has decided to honor the legacy edition Zalman CPU cooler Radiator Juno X. recognizable radial shape, emanating from the center aluminum fins. Two heat pipes 6 mm in diameter pierce the radiator fins, but not in contact with teplonositel CPU directly.

Cooler Thermalright Juno X available in three variants that differ only in the color of the backlight of the fan: red, blue, green, and the fourth option is devoid of LEDs.

Fan size 92 mm receives power from the four-pin connector, and the rotation speed varies between 1200-2500 rpm. noise Level of 26 dBA, the cooler creates an air flow of 88 cubic meters per minute. Weighing just 130 grams and dimensions of 110 x 110 x 50 mm cooler Codenamed Juno X can take up to 70 watts of thermal energy. In the list of supported platforms include AMD AM4 and Intel LGA115X.



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