Codec Cirrus Logic CS47L15 designed for smartphones

The company Cirrus Logic introduced the chip CS47L15 performing the functions of the audio codec. Codec Cirrus Logic CS47L15 designed for smartphones, and, according to the manufacturer, it will give low-cost devices with features that are peculiar to the flagship models. We are talking about voice activation always on, improved support karaoke, virtual stereo and high sound quality.

Of course, given the scope, the codec has a very low power consumption. In standby mode, power consumption does not exceed 25 µw, while in the playback mode with sound output to headphones — 2.6 mW.

It features Cirrus Logic CS47L15 include a built-in equalizer and digital signal processor. The level of crosstalk between the stereo channels manufacturer estimates at -110 dB. The codec connects easily to single-chip systems, supports analog and digital microphones, and various amplifiers.

Source: Cirrus Logic


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