CMV50000 first image sensor type CMOS resolution 48 Megapixel global shutter, supports 8K video with frequency 30 K/s

The company CMOSIS, about a year ago, bought by ams, presented the image sensor CMV50000. This image sensor optical format 35 mm (36,43 x net loss of 27.62 mm) was the first sensor type CMOS resolution of 48 megapixels with a global shutter.

Active area CMV50000 has a resolution of 7920 x 6002 pixels. The pixel size was 4.6 microns. The sensor incorporates a patented pixel architecture that includes eight transistors. As stated, it provides low noise and high efficiency electronic shutter. A global shutter means that fast moving objects can be removed, without risking a blurred image.

The dynamic range when full resolution is 64 dB, and in zoom mode the resolution to 4K, it can be expanded to 68 dB. Frame rate at 12-bit performance and full resolution is 30 fps, in the mode of scaling resolutions up to 4K it goes up to 60 fps.

According to CMOSIS, the sensor image CMV50000 designed for visual inspection systems, machine vision and consumer and professional television and video cameras.

Currently available samples of a monochrome version CMV50000. Samples of color should appear at the end of the year. The sensor is 3450 euros. Be the first to see CMV50000 can visitors to the exhibition Vision, opened today in Stuttgart.

Source: ams


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