CLSA insists that the iPhone fingerprint sensor 8 placed on the rear panel of the smartphone

Analysts of research company CLSA argue that the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 8 with high probability to be located on the rear panel of the smartphone.

Experts note that Samsung and Apple was trying to place the fingerprint scanner under the surface of the display in their flagship devices this year, but the technology is still not Mature enough for commercial application. Also published a new drawing of the device with dimensions.

Sources from the supply chain claim that Apple has decided not to abandon the fingerprint sensor as a time-tested element, placing it on the rear panel of the new smartphone.

Recall, Samsung also posted this item on the rear panel of Galaxy S8, however, some were dissatisfied with the location of the scanner. Sources report that Apple will put the Touch ID sensor below to make it easier to get.

The release of the iPhone 8 is expected in September 2017.



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