Closes the direction Google Android Wear?

Despite the fact that the smartwatch market continues to grow, and analysts say that next year sales of these devices will outstrip sales of conventional activity trackers, much choice on this market.

The problem is not the devices and operating systems for them. There are watchOS, which, like all other technology Apple, it stands alone, but the leader in this market. There is Tizen, which Samsung is promoting, but also has Android Wear, which can not boast of great popularity.

And looks like Google itself is understood. The fact that Google Store has disappeared see Android Wear. If you go here on the smart watch LG Watch Sport and the Watch Style, you can see that they are no longer available. And if the latter could be linked with some upcoming announcement of the new devices, it does not fit with the disappearance of an entire section of Google.

More like the fact that the company is either preparing something completely new, or simply closes this direction. Of course, there’s the possibility that Google just forgot to return the relevant page on the website after yesterday’s changes. However, it has nothing to do with the fact that the watch LG are available for order.



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