Clips Apple — new app for fans of videos and social networking

In addition to the «new» iPad and updated smartphones, Apple introduced a really new product. Only it’s not a device, and a program called Clips.

It is designed for those who actively use social media, online broadcasts, likes to put a lot of photos and videos and so on. That is for today’s youth.

More specifically, Clips — a simple and fast video processing. The program allows you to create videos up to 1 hour of video, the length of which shall not exceed 30 minutes, as well as photos. There is also the opportunity to lay on live music, apply filters, add posters, smiles and so on.

Interesting feature is Live Titles. It allows you to create animated subtitles and just by dictating the relevant text. Understands IN 36 languages. If there are any Russian, is still unknown, as the Clips are not yet available for download. For iOS should appear next month, and the fate of the Android version remains a mystery.

Of course, the application will allow you to share the resulting video in various social networks. It is also worth noting that ACCORDING to free will.



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