Cisco and Google have come together to develop a hybrid cloud solution

Cisco and Google Cloud announced the beginning of joint development of hybrid cloud solutions. The intent of the partners, it will allow to increase efficiency of clients ‘ investments in cloud and local environment. The aim of the project called creation of a «unique cloud solutions which will allow to deploy applications and services to manage them and ensure their safety in the local media and on the platform of Google Cloud Platform». It will also be implemented information security «enterprise class».

The versatility of the solution will ensure the transition to the cloud without being tied to a particular supplier. In fact, developers can create applications for on-premises or cloud implementation, using the same tools and the execution environment.

In particular, the joint hybrid solution of Cisco and Google Cloud will provide access to the Kubernetes management tools, directory services GCP, networking and security, Cisco, authentication and monitoring service network Istio. Developers of corporate apps secure access to the cloud API, and developers of cloud applications to your enterprise APIs and on-premises resources.

Development should be restricted to a limited group of customers in the first half of 2018. A period of wide availability is also named as 2018.



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