Chuwi calls the 3:2 aspect ratio display, advertising a new tablet Chuwi SurBook

The most popular aspect ratio of the display on many display devices today is 16:9. While many manufacturers are experimenting by releasing smartphones, tablets, monitors and televisions with non-standard aspect ratio.

Chinese company Huawei says that the best aspect ratio of the display, at least for tablets is 3:2. The company has already released three devices with similar screens (Hi13 Chuwi, Chuwi Chuwi Hi12 and the hi10 Plus), and very successfully financed its productive Chuwi SurBook, which should go on sale in July.

On site Indiegogo the Chuwi SurBook that supports a keyboard and stylus, has already gathered almost $500 thousand in need of $30 thousand price of the device starts at $299.

For the money you get a device equipped with a display diagonal of 12.3 resolution 2736 x 1824 pixels, the processor Intel Celeron N3450, and 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB flash memory (available also the version with 128 GB of flash memory). The battery capacity of the tablet is 10,000 mAh, as the OS supports Windows 10. The equipment also includes two full-sized USB ports and one USB C. the above-mentioned stylus pen recognizes 1024 of the degree of the pressure.



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