Chromebook Samsung Chromebook Plus can get 16 GB of RAM

Samsung unveiled at CES 2017 two new mobile computer – the Chromebook and Chromebook Plus. At that time it was reported that these models differ only in the processors – ARM and x86 respectively. Now, however, there is evidence that a Chromebook would be Plus much more RAM, and not only in comparison with his younger brother, but with most of the other chromebooks.

The documentation of the project Chromium found mention of RAM Samsung K4EBE304EB-EGCG 8 GB, accompanied by a representative of Samsung that in the future you may receive the item (in fact, the finished device) with 16 GB of RAM. Obviously, version grombala with a large amount of RAM and get a large amount of flash memory (as standard products — only 32 GB).

Plus the Samsung Chromebook will go on sale in April, but the commercial debut of the version with 16 GB of RAM, if this really is planned to happen later.

Source: Chromium-review

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