Chrome plated version of the Daguerreotype Achromat lens Lomography 2.9/64 is 499 Euro

Last year, the Lomography company has successfully conducted fundraising for the production of Daguerreotype lens Achromat 2.9/Art Lens 64 via the website Kickstarter. Initially lens antique look was offered in bronze and black.

Seeing high interest in the product, the manufacturer decided to add a chrome option. Chrome lens is 499 euros, without differing in this sense from the other two options.

The optical scheme of the lens with a manual focus lens comprises two elements in the same group. The Waterhouse diaphragm is made in the form of interchangeable plates, allowing to obtain a relative aperture of F/2.9 to F/16.

The picture in the blur area depends on the shape of the hole in the plate.

Focal length is 64 mm, minimum focusing distance — 0.5 m.

The lens is available in mounts for Canon EF and Nikon F. On some other cameras it can be mounted using adapters.


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