Christmas crafts 2018 in the form of a dog with their hands: ideas and master classes

Coming in 2018 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow earth Dog. This is a very loyal and friendly character that will give everyone peace of mind, steadiness and success in business.

To befriend and appease the Earthen Dog devote a variety of crafts that you can do yourself with family, friends and children.

Offer the best master-classes on creation of toys and ornaments that you can decorate a Christmas tree, the interior or present them as a gift.

Hack the dog to the Christmas tree

The symbol of the coming year must be present on a Christmas tree. Even a small dog will be the best decoration green beauty.

For the manufacture of toys we need:

  • tube of wine or a round of compressed sawdust pills
  • wire or toothpick
  • glue gun, yarn and paint

The process of creating:

  • glue between several tubes to get the body of the dog
  • using the knife cut from tubes legs, ears and tail
  • using a glue gun, glue the parts DIY

  • beads black color will serve as an excellent material for the eyes and nose of the dog
  • made of yarn of red color make the language, and use yellow as a scarf or other decor toys

Choosing yellow is not accidental, because it is considered a major in the coming year. Use all shades of this Sunny color in the creation of toys, home decor or holiday table, and throughout the year you will be accompanied by good luck and prosperity.

Christmas dog clay

Clay is a versatile and very handy material for craft projects. Even a child can cope with it and to create original crafts for the New year.

To create a DIY we only need the clay and some beads for eyes. For more cute dogs use several colors – black and brown, yellow and brown, and others.


Take as a basic brown color. From it form the trunk. Try to make it a bit elongated, or Vice versa thick. It all depends on your imagination and skills.

Next, shape small parts of the dogs head, legs, ears, tail. Attach them to the torso.

Using the black clay make a nose, and beads will be imbedded on the head at eye level.

You can create a certain breed of dog that will surely look much more interesting. Prepare for the finished product stand out of colored paper or put the dog on the «stump» of the tubes.

Hack the dog on New year felt

Felt is inexpensive and very practical material that is most often used to create cute things out of fabric.

Today, the handicraft shops offer a wide selection of ready-made stencils and kits with felt. They are especially good for children as it does not require special skills, work with multiple parts or with glue.

To create toys from wool, you can use ready-made kits, but you can show imagination and to create unique three-dimensional toy dog on new year’s eve celebration.

We need:

  • felt of various colors
  • scissors
  • needle notes
  • glue
  • beads

Cut out the felt details for future crafts. You can do this yourself or use existing templates that are mostly found on the Internet.

So the parts are ready, it’s time to start stitching. Try to make smooth uniform stitches around the edge of the product, to the eversion of the fabric threads are not «peeking» between the parts.

You can make the plane a dog out of felt, using the seam for the treatment of cuts. This toy doesn’t require typesetting. Its possible to add a loop and hang the finished garland on a Christmas tree.

To give toys the volume fill it with filler.

To give the toys more realism and comfort adorn her plaid scarf or a small knitted scarf, make a interesting «spots» on the ears or torso of the dog out of felt of a different color.

Such a fun toy throughout the years to decorate your house.

Dog toy made of puff pastry

Creating toys made puff pastry is just like working with plasticine. However, it is possible to show imagination and, for example, paint the finished product with gouache or watercolor with the kids.

For the dough you need:

  • a Cup of flour
  • half a Cup of salt
  • a glass of water

Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough. Now you can proceed to the creative phase – the modeling of the dog.

There are no any special recommendations important to your toy looks pretty.

Ready to carve this place for a couple of minutes in the oven, the dough froze. Now you can decorate it in a variety of colors, the most important one, of course, yellow.

Christmas crafts dog from buttons

This is one of the most original ideas for DIY, which impresses with its brightness and originality.

In every house there is a box in which are stored numerous accessories for sewing, embroidery, and other needlework. Not do they without a lot of bright colored buttons of different sizes. They will serve as the main part to create Christmas crafts.

First of all, you need to prepare the ground. To do this, find in Internet a picture of a dog, print it on thick paper and cut out the pattern.

Next, pick up buttons, which will stick to the paper. They should be flat, preferably colored.

With the help of glue gun or glue «Moment» glue buttons to the base, alternating large and small.

Detail less use to decorate the feet and tail of a dog buttons more use to decorate the trunk and ears.

Christmas crafts dog pillow

To the Yellow earth Dog please you throughout the year, sew with this symbol on the pillow. As material you can use felt, cotton and calico fabric.

Using ready-made templates create and cut parts of the future pillow. Sew them on the sewing machine or by hand and tamp the filler.

This original pillow will fit perfectly into your interior. It not only will decorate the Christmas home design, but also throughout the year will serve as a convenient subject for relaxing on the sofa.

The new year is a time when you need to show a maximum of imagination and creativity. After all not without reason say «how to celebrate New year so spend it».

So create in your home cozy friendly atmosphere with lovely crafts and toys in a dog -loyal and faithful character of the upcoming 2018.

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